Not all businesses  Most companies benefit from marketing. It increases awareness and strengthens the brand, reminds people that we exist. Marketing attracts people to buy, marketing supports sales.

However, it should be noted that there are businesses where marketing does not bring much added value and does not increase sales, but only increases expenses.

Ice cream sells – or it doesn’t

So what would be an example of such a business? I’ll give you a tip: the summer holiday season is at its hottest and the summer in Finland is at its greenest. What do people do on a beautiful and sunny day? Well, they eat ice cream, of course. They buy it Bahamas Phone Number List from the nearest stall. The queues are long in front of the ice cream stands on a beautiful summer day.

What do people do when it rains or it’s a cold summer day? Well, at least they probably won’t go to the beach and buy ice cream, but will come up with other activities – the decision to buy ice cream is strongly influenced by the weather. Over time, enjoying ice cream and sunny weather have created such a strong pair in their minds that few associate ice cream eaten outside as part of their rainy day. I could argue that even massive marketing of ice cream stands would not increase sales, at least in proportion to the costs that would go into marketing.

Weather dominates certain sectors

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A business that is strongly based on the season and the weather does not necessarily need marketing at all. If the weather determines whether consumers are willing to buy, it is almost impossible for marketing to influence it. No matter how you market, there are Phone Number IR still no queues for ice cream kiosks in cold weather. It would be great if you didn’t have to market and there were customers waiting in line! It would be fun if there wasn’t a flip side to it – an empty cash register on rainy days.