Lead – a word that comes across constantly in sales and marketing discussions. A lead means an identifid potential customer who would potentially buy services or products produced by the company.

One of the purposes of marketing is to generate sales leads. Of course, marketing also has other goals, for example building recognition and brand, but one of the biggest goals is still simply to increase sales.

Inbound leads know a lot about your company and its services

The task of inbound marketing is to produce interesting and informative content for potential customers in the right place and at the right time. When successful Cameroon Phone Number List marketing gets a potential customer to leave a contact request on the website, it is a lead

Inbound leads can be in different stages of the buying process

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A clear lead is therefore a customer who leaves a contact request with the company himself. All inbound leads are by no means the same, but leads  come at different stages of the buying process. So what other leads can be identifid? An example of a lead in a different stage of the purchase process is a person who downloads some content from a page, e.g. a free online course, for which contact information must be left to download. In this case, it can be seen that the Prospect is interested in what the company has to offer, even though he has not yet shown a direct Phone Number IR interest in buying. However, the lead has the potential to develop into a customer relationship.

The Purpose of Contacting an Inbound Lead is Not Necessarily. To Immediately Make a Deal or Even Arrange a Meeting, but to Offer Addd Value and Be Memorable. The Lead That Came at an Early Stage is Probably Not Necessarily as Eager to Buy as the One That Has Already Left a Contact Request. But at Best Even These Leads Will Get Customers Sooner or Later With Good Sales – After Al. You Have Offered the Lead a Lot of Relevant Information at Different Stages of the Purchase Process.