Marketing with a small budget is worth it, but then it is especially important to think about where to use the limited investments in marketing. Summarized: accurate planning is worthwhile, doing is decisive, networks can be helpful and finally it is always good to analyze and develop what is being done.

Think about a clear target group and channels accordingly

When you start doing marketing, the most important step is to think about the target group. On a small budget (or for that matter) you can’t offer everything Bahrain Phone Numbers List to everyone, because that’s the same as offering nothing to anyone. Read more tips for defining your target group in our previous article “What is your company’s target group?”.

When the target group is clear, it’s time to start other planning. Where would you best reach your target group? It is good to choose the channels according to the target group: on Snapchat you will not reach women aged 45–50, while on Facebook it is easy to do.

Invest in content

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Interesting contents and marketing in social media are relatively inexpensive compared to more traditional TV and newspaper advertising. However, content and social media marketing easily take much more time than advertising in traditional channels. Don’t forget that time is money: if you spend endless time on so-called for making free content, it takes resources away from doing other things.

It is also good to advertise the content on selected channels, because at least at first hardly anyone will find it otherwise. You can start advertising on several social media channels with very moderate budgets.

Remember groups and networks

In Some, you can join networks and create one for yourself and your company. For example, various Facebook groups with people belonging to your Phone Number IR target group can be the right places to highlight your expertise. However, remember the balance here too: no one wants to hear only advertising speeches, but mutual and direct interaction and discussion works best.

Also make use of your existing networks and be open about what you do there – you never know if someone knows someone who needs your services.