Yes you can use boolean How to Find Linkedin Profiles URL on Google Telling google to search for linkedin URLs is really simple you just need to use the operator site. Just write sitelinkedin.comin in the search bar. how to search for linkedin profiles on google You will see that they will only be linkedin profile in your search results. linkedin profiles google search results Among the thing that will appear the profile URL the full name the job title or the company name.

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Selecting the job title or the company Malaysia Phone Number List name to add it in the search title. Obviously having the job title is better but you wont have it every time. Except if you use the intitle google operator. search linkedin job title google Even if you write intitlemarketing there will sometimes be search results without marketing in the title. cleanshot 2022 07 14 at 09.14.022x But dont worry. If you open the profile you will see that the person has marketing in his job title how google search for linkedin profiles works Honestly I dont know what they are still displaying the company even with the intitle filter.

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The number of search results including Indonesia Telegram Number the job title in your search. Now that you know the basic of linkedin profiles search through Google lets get to the next level with boolean search. Use Boolean Search on Google To Find Linkedin Profiles search on Google to look for linkedin profile. Here is how it works boolean search is really simple programmatic language that work with a combination of logical connectors and punctuation AND look for several keywords OR look for at least one keyword in a list NOT exclude keywords Quotes look for an exact expression of several words Parentheses combine several boolean operators.