They had let go of product-focus advertising, put the consumer at the center of all marketing communications, and set out to build a completely new way of doing marketing on social media. And at the same time greatly improv the results.

In my opinion, the most important cornerstones in this, as in many other, success stories were:

A goal is one of the most important steps in making things successful. When you know where you are going, it is easier to start planning concrete steps towards this goal. A clear goal also inspires others to join in and doing things will not fade away when a tight spot comes when the goal is clear in mind.


Get closer to the consumer/customer

Letting go of the product and its excellence is challenging, but often necessary. Of course, this does not mean that the product is not excellent, but Cyprus Phone Number List no one is endlessly interests in the different features of the product. Highlighting the product is a safe way, but it can be difficult for the consumer to identify with just product marketing. This is why examples and stories are nod.


Tell stories

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Stories evoke feelings and thoughts, they delight and enrage. It is also easy to relate to the stories when they are connect to everyday problems. And solutions can be providd for these small problems.

In the end, one has to surrender to being open to interaction and discussion, especially if the intention is to be involvd in social media channels. It would be Phone Number IR much easier not to join the conversation, to be a bit odorless and tasteless, but in the end, does anyone care? Opinions stimulate discussion and bringing them to the fore also strengthens the brand.

Would you dare to let go of product-centric advertising and try what can happen when the consumer is brought to the center?