Would recommend to You are solving Best JB Its important to precise if the prospect is still interested in the matter because he may have followed this company a while ago. Thats it for the first technique. Now lets dive right into the 2nd technique extract competitors post commenters. Reach Out Competitors Post Commenters Likers Tons of people are reacting to linkedin post every day.

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Is a great signal of interest for a topic. Thats why reaching out to people reacting to your competitors linkedin posts profile or company page Argentina Mobile Number List can be a good idea. Step 1 Follow everyone in your niche To detect opportunities in your niche you need to have your competitors posts into your linkedin feed. linkedin post commenters So make sure to follow every competitor and influencer in your niche. Timing is critical in this kind of outreach if you send messages to post commenters right after they comment the post your reply rate will be much.

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Fresh steal linkedin competitors post Brazil WhatsApp Number List commenters On the other hand you want to let enough time for the post to gather a maximum of reacts. Thats why I wait at least 24h before doing the second step. If you see an interesting post you can copypaste the post url to have it for later. Step 2 Extract post commenters and likers To extract the linkedin post commenters we are going to use Phantombuster. More precisely the post commenters and post likers export. export linkedin post commenters likers Just copy and paste the URL of your post here linkedin post url Phantombuster will extract First name Last name Linkedin URL Job title Degree connection For every post commenters or likers linkedin post.