Why your product So the first step is to create a new linkedin account and add a job experience at your competitors company. steam competitors company page followers Step 2 Take the Sales Navigator free trial You obviously dont way to pay Linkedin Sales Navigator just to get your competitors followers. sales navigator free trial Good news there is a onemonth free trial you can use. Step 3 select company page followers Open Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Go to the leads search into Why your product

The Spotlight category and select Algeria Mobile Number List Following your company select company page followers linkedin sales navigator You will see on the right a list of all your competitors followers. linkedin competitors followers Dont forget to exclude the people working for your competitor exlude employee from company page followers You obviously dont want to send prospecting messages to the company owners or employees. Step 4 extract followers and get their emails Once you have this list you can extract it into a CSV and get their email addresses with Evaboot.

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How to Get Emails From

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extract Australia WhatsApp Number List Emails From Sales Navigator Profiles Export Sales Navigator leads for free The process is extremely simple you just need to click on Extract with Evaboot to download the list into an excel file. linkedin sales navigator scraper chrome extension Step 5 Followers Outreach Once you have this list with contact details you can reach out to them manually or build a linkedin prospecting campaign. For this type of outreach I would recommend something really direct like this. Template for competitors followers outreach Hello Im reaching out because Ive seen you follow competitor on linkedin Our productservice is similar but or service is better than competition Are you currently still interested in problem.