You know him, but it is certain that your dream customer will think about the purchase decision for a long time, just because of the price. In this post, the seventh in our online course series, I’ll tell you How should the online course be priced? You can read previous posts here: 7 things you need to know before taking an online course Why you *need* to collect an email list, Whether you’re a blogger or an entrepreneur? Making an online course: This is how you plan and make your first online course  online course is successful Appreciate the reader – Make a joining gift (lead magnet) that is REALLY useful for him How do you grow the customer base for the upcoming online course pilot? 1.

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The product determines the price The product alone defines new data certain frames for pricing. The most expensive book in the world ( International Encyclopedia of Social & Behavioral Sciences ) costs $20,918.80. The most expensive online course is on sale at Stanford University ( Lead ) and costs a paltry $16,000. If you have the self-confidence, of course you can price your own products this high. But thinking with common sense, the less work you need to do for the product, the cheaper it can/should be sold. 2. Competitors’ pricing Market research is never a bad thing.  competitors’ websites and see what price they sell their own courses at? I never recommend trail pricing.

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Rather, it is worth striving to provide more added value for the same or more expensive price. The general price level also tells about the quality. A clearly different price indicates either that the expensive products are grossly overpriced or that the inexpensive product is just a cheap copy of the genuine product. So if you have the opportunity to buy a 55,000 € fire blade car from an importer for only 6,500 €, what is the first thought that comes to mind? 3. Hourly price + amount of work / number of participants in the pilot = ? Not everyone likes math. But if you’re into numbers, one of the easiest ways to price Phone Number IR your online course is to calculate how much time it takes. For example, the course is 8 weeks long and it takes an average of 3.5 hours to make one week’s worth of material.