This type of marketing is very smart, because while it makes the game more realistic, it also advertises various brands. 3. Chester Cheetah: Too cool to fool (1992)Developed for the Super Nintendo, this advergame was released to promote the Cheetos snacks (Elma Chips) of its mascot, Chester Cheetah. It is a two-dimensional, that is, 2D, side-scrolling game (Mario style, played from left to right) in which the player can eliminate enemies by jumping on them.

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Unlike 30-second television commercials that WhatsApp Number Data can cost almost half a million reais, a video game can be developed for much less. Increases brand exposure – Another advantage involves view time. Unlike 30-second commercials and print and online ads that may go unnoticed by the user, video games hold the player’s attention for several minutes. 1. Chex Quest (1996)Perhaps the best advergame of all time is this beautiful DOOM mod known as Chex Quest, a campaign promoting Chex breakfast cereal.

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The video game Phone Number IR market is expected to beworth more than $90 million in 2020 , with more than 2. 5 billion players worldwide, according to a survey selected by WePC. Video games have already had a higher profitability than the film industry for a few years and the trend is for this value to increase.2. 5 billion people. This includes men and women of all ages, with the most varied levels of education and income. Comparatively low cost – Compared to traditional marketing and advertising channels such as television and print media, games are a low-cost tool.