On January 18, WhatsApp released its new  which offers a more flexible way for small businesses to communicate with customers. The application can be downloaded for free, at least for now, only for Android operating systems and can now be found fresh from the oven in the Finnish Google Play store. We put together the new features that make communication with customers easier.

Business accounts

You can create a business account for your company, where you can add useful information such as a description of your activity, email and website address. Your user account appears to customers as a company account, which means they know Japan Phone Number List they are communicating with a company. Later, WhatsApp will also introduce verified accounts, which you can become if your account and your business phone number match.

Messaging tools

Communication Becomes Easier and Faste.because in the Business Version You Can Define Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. A Personal Greeting Message With Which You Introduce Your Activities to Customers. And an Out-of-office Message if You Are Not Available to Your Customers Right Now.

Activity monitoring

Phone Numer list

In marketing, metrics and measurement are key, and fortunately, this has not been forgotten when developing the application. You can monitor, for example, the opening rate of your messages and think about what works and what should be developed  Phone Number IR so that the application serves you in the best possible way.

We at Dupli Took the Application to the Test Right Awa. You Can Now Send Us a Message on Whatsapp at the Numbe. We Are Excited to Get to Know the Novelty and We Will Stay to See if It is Possible. To Refine the Application to Also Meet the Communication Needs of Larger Companies.