We use a combination of native and marketing platforms for our social publishing. analytics. and reporting nees. The combination of the two helps you manage multiple people and projects. Especially useful for increasing social volume during live weather events where conditions and data are constantly changing. Since last year. What tools do you use to manage all your content. we have been heavily promoting the use of Facebook Live. One way to accomplish that is by using live streaming software calle Wirecast. 


This allows you to combine

Live footage from the studio and the field. I especially like using Facebook Live in the field. This field allows Special Database the camera-mounte meteorologist to update the conditions of a particular location during a weather event. When we are out in the field. we have a special rig setup for the phone that gives you stable exposure. We also use shotgun mics when necessary. so if one of our meteorologists is covering a hurricane. you can focus on the sounds coming from them and not the storm. 


Also lighting is very important

Lighting can make a big difference in the quality of your content and the number Phone Number IR of viewers. All of these tools help you share information in a way that people understand. especially when time is of the essence. Live streaming hardware allows you to capture video using multiple webcams. graphics. and more. It also provides better options for screen transitions. The team uses a special cell phone rig to improve the quality of the video outside of the studio. Phone rigs like the Beastgrip Pro and Shoulderpod allow you to mount your smartphone. light. and microphone in one easy-to-grip package. live streaming tips Watson suggests the following