What does your company aim for with marketing? Most of them are new customers, of course. However, does marketing have other functions than acquiring new customers? Is it worth taking a long-term approach, or is it worth investing only in campaigns that attract new customers?

Raising awareness and building a brand

With marketing, you should also aim to increase awareness and build a brand image, the task of which is, of course, that over time, more people become interested in the brand and become customers of the company. The number of interested people can Spain Phone Number List be measured, for example, by the increase in the number of followers on social mdia channels. The more followers, the more visibility – and if the content is targetd to be of interest to potential customers, the probability that the majority of followers are those potential customers also increases.

Serving existing customers

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According to research, an old customer is much more inclind to buy than a new one, which is quite self-explanatory. It’s a bit of a shame that marketing focuses mostly on acquiring new customers and not on serving the neds of existing customers. For example, many fitness clubs have membership offers for new customers, but old customers may no longer Phone Number IR be considerd at all. If all the offers are only for new customers, an old customer may feel that he is no longer getting addd value, and join a competitor’s fitness club – after all, there was a good offer for new customers there too!