For example, can be interpreted as a home page, but its front page can also be called a home page. The home page can consist of several different pages with different purposes.  of the entire homepage. The task of the homepage is not only to convert visitors into customers, but rather to tell in a comprehensive way what the company or entrepreneur is like, how he can help and who he helps. Feedback can be collected on the homepage ( such as this one ) and more detailed information about services and products can be provided. The home page always has a clear navigation (menu) and the task of the home page is to get as wide an audience as possible to visit.

Both the landing page and the sales page can be individual pages

Some of these visitors are directed to the landing page and later to the sales page. If we consider that 5,000 people visit the website per month, it would be important to convert 60% of them to the email list first. After this, it is important to get 5% of those on the email list to convert into customers. The minimum percentages on the landing page should be 20% and on the sales page 2%. When these are latest database achieved, then you can start making small changes little by little, with the help of which the percentages will be increased. Sales page Landing page The landing page (Squeeze page) is always a single page. The landing page has only one purpose, to get the visitor to join the email list. 

When entering the landing page, the visitor has only

The landing page does not have traditional navigation, and if you make the landing page for your own home page, you should disable both the header and footer. With WordPress, this is done well by selecting the “No Header/Footer” setting from the default page template. two options: either join the email list or leave the page completely Any extra links interfere with this task and therefore links outside the landing page Phone Number IR should be kept to a minimum. Only a link to the data protection or registry statement is allowed. The landing page is typically very compact, even so compact that you can see all the information at once.