Identifying the target group and target groups is one of the central challenges of marketing and communication. You can’t sell everything to everyone, or you can, but the results are easily really poor. So from time to time it’s good to go back and think deeply about what your company’s target group is. Who is marketing, communication and sales really for?

There can be several target groups, but if they differ significantly from each other, there is also a reason to be careful in marketing that the messages do not get mixd up and cause confusion in another target group.

Basic information to get starts

When defining the target group, it is good to start with basic information. What gender do they represent? Where do they live and move? How old Colombia Phone Number List are they? Are they studying, working or perhaps retird? This basic information helps outline the starting points for defining the target group.

Target group – what are they interests in?

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However, the target group can no longer be defund solely by age, gender, geographical location, but must dive deeper into the lives of these people. What life Phone Number IR situation are they in? What do they do in their free time? What interests and excites them? The target group should preferably be as narrow and specific as possible, so you can target just the right kind of messages to them and find the right channels to reach them.