You have probably already noticed that in online stores, content is divided into subpages. This makes it much easier for users to navigate the website, but not only that.

Such segmentation is also intended to serve indexing robots and should correspond to positioning rules . Why is page pagination so important? We will solve this puzzle in this article. Check out how to ensure SEO-friendly pagination!

Page pagination, also known as pagination, involves dividing the content on a website and placing individual fragments on separate subpages. This process is particularly applicable in online stores, as it makes it much easier for users to search for the products they are interested in.

Page pagination when is it necessary

Thanks to pagination, recipients know after entering the website that when they go further, they will be presented with similar offers from a given category.

They are then able to familiarize themselves with the store’s assortment Whatsapp Database much faster, and the waiting time for access to individual website resources is shortened as much as possible.

It is worth mentioning that pagination applies not only to online stores, but also to many other websites with extensive content resources.

These include websites such as: price comparison websites, company blogs, galleries, discussion forums and review lists.

Pagination from a positioning perspective

Since the most important aspect of using this type of websites is intuitive and easy navigation through subsequent subpages, every website owner should ensure its usability by implementing comprehensive pagination.

The goal of optimizing websites for SEO is to improve their functionality. The factors Phone Number IR contributing to the operation of the platform are correctly implemented URLs and high-quality content.

Pagination is additional support for achieving the expected results in the form of ranking first on the SERP list. What results exactly do we mean? In the case of SEO, it is not as easy and pleasant as you might think.