Marketing strategic planning is as important as the entire company’s strategy. It is the basis for the implementation of your marketing, and guides the practical implementation even in the event of unexpected changes, when the well-reasoned and thought-out goal is clear to everyone.

Strategic planning answers the most essential questions of marketing

The Marketing Strategy is Derived From the Business Goals. Because as You Might is Intended to Support the Company in Reaching Its Goals. Strategic Planning Therefore Starts With Clarifying the Business Goals, After Which. We Start Building Iceland Phone Number List a Marketing Strategy in Accordance With These Goals.

The actual strategic planning covers the definition of trends, target groups, goals and measures. Strategic planning does not cover all the details of marketing and does not include, for example, content planning. The purpose of the strategy is to answer the most essential questions that serve as the backbone of the entire marketing.

The stages of strategic planning

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It is Essential for Strategic Planning. To Understand Which Trends Are Rising and Which Are Falling. So That You Don’t Load Your Bets Into a Sinking Ship. by Embracing a Rising Trend. Whether It’s a New Technology or Another Phenomenon Related to Your Business. You Will Naturally Get Better Results. of Course, Trends Can Change Their Importance for Your Own Operations and. Their Careful Review and Evaluation is an. Important Part of Creating a Strategy.

The most important step in strategic planning often, the target group is not carefully thought out when doing marketing, which results in poorer results and wasted resources. When defining the target group, segmentation is often done first, where the market Phone Number IR is divided into different groups. Based on the segmentation, it is chosen where it is most profitable to invest the marketing budget in the following years.

An essential part of the strategy is  Goals should be concrete, according to the SMART model. If you set the goal of increasing awareness, how do you assess in a year’s time, Did you reach this goal? The goals must therefore be precise, measurable, achievable, time-bound and relevant to the company’s business.