What is a working Many are surely wondering what we really do here at Kupli. Are our days always sipping bubbly and snapping nature photos (see the latest updates on Instagram )? We thought we’d open up a bit about our everyday life and in the future we’ll always tell you from time to time what kind of days we have here at Kupli.

One thing is certain in our everyday life: every day is different, and you never know what the day will bring. And that’s the best thing about it – the surprising and fun work environment inspires me immensely. So jump in to my autumn Wednesday workday at Kupli!

The alarm clock ring

I let the coffee drip and answer the first e-mails from home. I send one offer and arrange a meeting for next week with our client. When leaving home, I grab the basic tool of a marketing office worker Makita under my arm and to the office.

Yesterday I picked up two new tables and a chair for Austria Phone Number List the office from Ikea, and today it’s time to put them together – so let’s get to work! Fortunately, Ikea furniture  has been assembled before, so it doesn’t take much time. There are a lot of good things coming this fall, and the new tables are one of them.

I also discuss with the client the marketing

Phone Numer list

Suvi and I go to Kavala Morocco on Museokatu for lunch (by the way, it has the best salads in Töölö – I recommend it!). In Morocco, I run into my high school physical education teacher, with whom we update how quickly these years go by – after all, we Phone Number IR trained together there. Well, it’s been more than a decade. A delicious lunch goes with Suvi, discussing future plans.