Social media is actively updated and advertising campaigns run constantly. Publications get likes and websites get traffic. However, do these things help you achieve your goals and how do you measure it? If you doubt whether your marketing goals are in order, read on.

Marketing goals need a set of indicators that work together

Marketing goals guide your marketing and give it direction. Each of your marketing measures should be justified according to your goals and lead Canada Phone Number List towards them. Therefore, you need a suitable set of indicators alongside the goals, which will be used to monitor their realization. Setting goals and the right metrics are the most important things in marketing, so that marketing is not an unnecessary expense, but ultimately brings in more money than it uses.

For example, there is a lot of talk about increasing awareness as a marketing goal. The problem then is measurement – ​​measuring popularity is laborious and requires a longer-term review. So concrete goals that can be influenced and measured even in the short term are also needed.

What is a good goal?

Everyone should learn this rule.

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Whether it’s marketing or employee goals, it’s always worth

In Finnish, the goals must be precise, measurable, achievable, reasonable and important from the point of view of your company’s business, and time-bound. Let’s take two goals as an example:

“We want to achieve more sales.”
“Our goal is to achieve a 5% increase in total sales in the next 6 months.”

You probably noticed right away that the latter of these goals is in accordance with the SMART model and the first is not. The latter goal can be easily measured and monitored to see if this goal was reached.

If we take the recent SMART goal as an example, it is worth breaking it down into even smaller parts from a marketing point of view. In order to Phone Number IR increase sales, you either need to get new customers or activate existing ones to make bigger purchases. If you were to focus on new customers, one of the marketing goals could be related to acquiring new leads. It’s a good idea to break down the goals backwards in the chain and always think about what kind of intermediate goals to set in order to reach the main goals.