Visitor Satisfaction Christmas summer, Valentine’s . CREATE CONTESTS Create an original competition to encourage your customers to register and even share it with their friends via social networks. This way you can generate an exhaustive list of contacts. This resource can do this through digital resources or in a traditional way. CREATE ACTIVITIES TO GET CONTACTS Contact generation is also possible offline. In addition to connecting interested parties with your brand and personally promoting the benefits of your products, you create a network of contacts who are truly attached to your product or service.

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There are platforms that allow you to create DB to Data calls for events such as: Specialized workshops Network Events Master Classes By combining these tips and creating your own strategy, you can create a clean and secure email database and contact list .  contact lists and use professional tools to send your email campaigns. At Mailpro, we ensure the security of our customers’ data. Our data is backed by Swiss data protection laws , start building your email contact lists with the confidence and security offered by Mailpro. Cologne.

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Zoo is once again award the High . At the zoo Phone Number the German Marketing. Association ask a number of visitors to Cologne. Zoo about their attitudes and opinions about various. Aspects of Cologne Zoo in its annual visitor survey of the zoo this autumn. As part of the study opinions were ask about the zoo’s animal species enclosures child-friendliness food and zoo shops in addition to overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend. This survey once again demonstrates the success of the Zoo’s intensive efforts to.