What are UTM tags?

UTM tags are parameters, i.e. small grains of information that are added to the URL leading to the site. They provide information, for example, about which way and what kind of link the visitor has reached the site after clicking.

UT Tags Should Be Used in All Those Channels. From Which Links to Your Own Site Have Been Directed. Such as Social Media Publications, Paid Advertising and Newsletters. They Can Be Used in Google Analytics to More Closely. Monitor How People Have Come to the Site and What They Have Done on the Site. if UT Tags Are Not Added. Analytics Will Tell You About the Source of the Traffi.but Not, for Example. Which Publication or Advertisement It Was.

What information can be collected

Remarketing or remarketing or retargeting is targeted advertising to people who have visited your site or used your mobile application. Few consumers Brazil Phone Number List make a purchase decision based on one page visit, which is why arousing interest and encouraging them to return to the site is important. Remarketing is an effective way to encourage a purchase decision, for example in situations where the customer has added products to the shopping cart, but left the order unfinished.

Instructions for adding

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When Creating Ute Tags, You Should Use. For Example, Google’s ¬†Where the Form is Filled With the Necessary. Information and Based on That. The Tool Phone Number IR Provides a Ready-made Link for Use. the First Two Points Are Mandatory. But in Addition to These. We Recommend at Least Using the Campaign. Medium and Campaign Name Points.