The images are call   ‘pins’ and can be collect   into curat   lists call   ‘boards’. Users are able to create their own boards. Interact with other user boards. And even interact with a fe   of discover   content bas   on chosen topics from previous pins. Key features: save ideas from any website with a browser plugin over 300 million users on the platform a pinterest api available for third-party development price: free 45. Tubi  pipesapp tubi pipes is a news application which customizes your content fe   bas   on your preferences. Users can interact with articles they like to help the software learn the best sources to display. And the app tracks each user’s reading level bas   on the amount of interaction.

Users can collect links from across the web

There’s also a powerful built-in search to locate new content. And you can browse popular topic trends for each week. Key features: short summaries Africa Email List integrat   into each article for quick reading browse over 100.000 topics a free pipeball game is includ   in the application price: free 46. Refind  refindcom refind refind is a content search tool for finding the most relevant sources for the chosen topics. Articles are display   as cohesive magazines that can be easily brows   and curat   according to preferences. Users can collect links from across the web. And refind will automatically aggregate the latest content from each source in real time.

There’s an api for external development

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Key features: a browser extension for saving web links automatically highlights sav   links during google searches smart lists automatically recycles sav Phone Number IR  stories price: free 47. Slideshare  slideshare slideshare since 2012. As part of link  in. Slideshare has become a hub for high-quality slide content from top experts. Slides offer a visual and concise way to quickly digest important information. And users can effortlessly navigate and view the large collection. There’s an api for external development and powerful search to find the content you ne  . Key features: contains over 18 million uploads across 40 content categories a creator’s hub to help users build great content slideshare api available for non-commercial use price: free 48.