Marketplaces have been one of the important trends of 2016 and will continue to grow in importance during 2017. For many start-ups they have already become an important sales channel for 2 compelling reasons .

Why marketplaces are cool if you are a start-up Use Wallapop to

Why marketplaces are cool if you are a start-up or have a small top industry data business What they said about the internet already applies to marketplaces . They are not the future, but are already part of a very real present. Marketplaces already have millions of buyers. It is a great advantage for start-ups because when you start from scratch you need direct access to potential clients. 

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Find niches on Wallapop quickly Phone Number IR Professional sellers have been using this platform for some time because they have realized that it is a complementary channel to generate income. Maybe it still doesn’t help you get rich, but it is an extra that can grow over time.By browsing the different categories you can to see the products they are selling.