One of Keplin’s most read blog posts is That’s why I thought of listing a few other very common grammar lessons that you often see on social media and in written text in general. I listed these with a bit of a twinkle in my eye – it happens to everyone sometimes, even the one who signed.

However, speaking seriously, especially in the texts of the company, the grammatical errors give an unprofessional image of the company. If you don’t even know how to invest in spelling, is everything else in the company done by idiots? 

So please pay attention that in the future you do not make at least the following mistakes when writing an official text:

Question mark for interrogative clause

“I don’t know how to write correctly?”  or “I’ve been wondering what kind of company Kupli is?” = wrong. In an interrogative subordinate clause, the sentence Italy Phone Number List ends with a period. You see this mistake very often. TOP 5 grammar The main clause must be interrogative so that the sentence ends with a question mark.

Holidays with a Capital Letter

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TOP 5 grammar  This mistake comes to many from the English language, where holidays are typically written with a capital letter, but in Finnish, holidays are written with a lower case letter. Midsummer, which is about to arrive, is therefore not Midsummer, and May Day is not May Day.

3. Misuse of the word who

The word “who” can only be used in a question sentence or an indirect question sentence! “We have friends who…” is an absolute no-no. The same situation is also with the word “which” in the title of this blog post. In these cases, the word Jotka refers to the Phone Number IR previous word. “I wonder who is reading this text” is correct, because the word “who” appears in an indirect question sentence.

4. Own

At least this word monster makes me see red. In Finnish, we don’t say “someone owns something “, but “someone has something” . Own is not a word!

5. Lines in the wrong place or missing altogether

This is my eternal favorite, lines in the wrong place! You see this mistake a lot in e-shops, for example. All of the following are incorrect: