Tools and techniques to improve work productivity Doesn’t it happen to you that your day is ending and it seems like you haven’t done anything. Yes, you have been very busy, sure, but with very little work productivity . Yes, answering emails, putting out fires everywhere, urgent calls, etc. Something that drives me and other entrepreneurs. In addition, self-employed workers and workers upside down is work productivity. Until I had a remedy, I was going crazy like you and wondering how to be more productive. I would end the day overwhelmed and frustrated for not achieving the objectives I had “thought” for that day.

What is labor productivity

Labor productivity is carrying out the proposed work in the shortest possible time, maintaining the level of quality. If you are in a company and with equal resources, the estimated time from one person to another varies, we can say that one employee is more productive than another. Many times we confuse work productivity with being email database busy all day and walking around like “headless chickens.” When the end of the day arrives and we have the feeling that we have done many things but in the end nothing productive, something is wrong.

Work productivity in freelancers

If you are an entrepreneur and you also work at home, things get even more complicated. There are people who, if they work at home and are not organized, can spend the entire day with emails, on social networks and so on. When they realize their day is over. In the world we live in with a lot of external influences such as mobile Phone Number IR phones, emails, calls, etc. If we do not organize ourselves well, we will poke around everywhere and we will not really take care of what is really needed to grow our business on the internet.