Of course. not always. low prices can also be achiev by making the companys operations more sustainable. being at the forefront of technological development and utilizing. for example. automation or machine learning. In addition to the price. your value promise can be relat to. for example. the quality of your product or service. the perceiv value of the customer experience. or any benefit that your company produces for the customer.

Everything are the nes of buyer

 At the center of personas. and how your company can meet them and thus create value for the b2b email list customer. When you clarify this into a concrete. understandable message for the customer. you get a good value proposition for your company. A good value proposition is concrete. understandable and speaks to the nes of the buyer persona.

One well-written value proposition

 Simple is effective moves your company and its marketing forward much more effectively than several value Phone Number IR propositions. If value promises are brought up too much. the challenge is that your companys core message becomes boring. In this case. the customer does not get a clear picture of what the core value is that your company is able to produce for him. Lets use Apples new MacBook Pro laptop as an example. I dare to say that almost