Key features: ai-generat   captions for social m  ia posts a multi-channel composer to create new posts with integrat   content collaboration tools such as content planner and calendar price: $49-299/mo 6. Crowdynews  crowdynews crowdynews the crowdynews platform helps publishers to identify content in real time for their social m  ia streams. The software can be connect   to your website’s rss fe   or other sources to begin searching. And advanc   filters can be us   to focus on the most relevant content. Crowdynews also finds trending links that are shar   on twitter that are relat   to your content and will display them in the interface.

Times and publishing rules price: contact for pricing

Key features: create a fully automat  . Multi-social site Email List stream use advanc   technologies such as natural language processing (nlp) to analyze articles advanc   filtering capability available in up to 25 languages price: contact for pricing7 . Curata  curata curata curata’s content curation software (ccs) is design   to help marketers find. Curate and share content from a wide variety of sources. The system is design   to learn over time and improve search results bas   on shar   content. There are several sharing tools available. Including the ability to sch  ule posts and publish to link  in. Facebook. And twitter. Key features: content search function uses machine learning to adapt to your preferences easy and intuitive workflow for reviewing hundr  s of articles in 20 minutes a day customize templates. Times and publishing rules price: contact for pricing 8.

Users can easily import content from email

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By  curat  hq by the curat   platform streamlines the content curation and publishing process for marketers who share their content directly Phone Number IR with subscribers. Users can easily import content from email or review a fe   bas   on link   sources for easy capture and curation. The   iting interface allows you to add custom images and quickly   it each publication before release. Key features: an optimiz   publishing layout with custom images in-depth analytics to track each publication manage sponsorships directly within the platform price: $25-399/mo 9. Drumup  drumupio drumup the drumup content curation workflow can help r  uce social m  ia management time on twitter. Facebook and link  in by up to 90%.