Thrive Themes has announced THE BIG UPDATE many of us have been. Waiting for for their Thrive Apprendice plugin for schools, courses, memberships or whatever you want to call it. During the presentation event for this new. Therefore, Thrive Apprendice update , the functionalities that were going to be added to this plugin were shown. And as I am going to tell you below, now they do make it a valid and real alternative. To a membership or digital training sales The update site such as my PRO Marketing Institute. The two major updates to Thrive Apprentice in the previous update were the integration with Thrive Cart, SendOwl, and WooCommerce among others. And, furthermore, thanks to their very complete visual editor, they provided many, very interesting, templates to give an incredible look to your own academy.

Memberships and products

 This is what Thrive Themes COO Hanne Varvaeck had to say. Very flexible digital product option that allows users to create and sell executive email list product combinations from any content on our websites (Always in WordPress). In essence, they work as a fairly easy-to-use set of access restrictions and display rules. When a customer purchases a product on. Thrive Apprentice, they purchase access to the content that protects the product. This means you no longer need a dedicated WordPress membership plugin, like Memberpress, for example.

Drip schedules

The second functionality added to Thrive Apprentice 4.0 is the most interesting drip solution I’ve seen for online courses or digital product platforms. Thrive Apprentice 4.0 comes with six pre-programmed drip templates, so you don’t have to make your life too complicated. Additionally, more advanced users have the ability to experiment with The update tighter drip times (I’m still waiting to try this and the possibilities it offers).¬† Of how students will access your content. From there, unlock conditions can be added or edited to release course. Materials whenever you want. This new form of Thrive Apprentice drip even allows you to hide upcoming lessons until Phone Number IR certain conditions are met, so you can surprise students with hidden modules. And automatically the way I like it.You can now restrict and sell access to specific pages, posts, content categories, or even custom post types.