These two characteristics are value and veracity.  Value Value itself has the meaning of value or meaning.   Rhe data can help in making better decisions.  Veracity Veracity here refers to the level of accuracy in data collection and how accurate the data is. how to create an ERD and what an example is, right? Before we get into how to make it, we want to briefly explain what ERD is to refresh your memory.  So, on this occasion we would like to tell you how to make an ERD and provide an example so that you understand more about this ERD. Come on, let’s look at the article. How to create an ERD You must be impatient to create an entity relationship diagram.

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of big data. Big data can be used to predict or analyze. The cause of a problem that occurs in the system.     Big data can be a reference for developing a product.  And the results of this analysis can be the basis for making th  whatsapp database right decisions for business development. Big data can reduce time and costs. By using big data, data storage will reduce the costs that must be incurred.   Conclusion Below we have prepared the steps to create an entity relationship diagram. Identify and determine all the entities that will be used. The first step is that you must identify to determine what entities you will use in the diagram.

Maybe if there was no big data in today

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process progresses.  sophisticated times, we would have difficulty making choices. Making a mistake in making this choice can have a fatal impact on the field you are pursuing.  Look forward to the next articles. What is Big Data? Why Is It Important Examples of Products and Their Functions After you read the article Understanding ERD, Data Phone Number IR Models and Its Components , you must be curious about.You can start this step by creating a rectangle, then write a short description of the entity. Identify and explain relationships between entities. The next step is that you can look for entities that may have relationships. Then you can create a line connecting the two entities, apart from that you also have to determine the relationship between one entity and another entity.