Index of contents Social buttons With Asap The Secret Theme you have the possibility of including social buttons in your content without having to install heavy plugins that overload your website with dozens of lines of code. In addition, you can choose the location and which social networks to include in a very simple way. networks Seeker Placing a search engine within the site, as many large portals do, encourages user interaction and increases page views , in addition to helping your visitors find exactly what they are looking for.

Gutenberg and The Secret our beloved Classic Editor

With Asap Theme you can include a search engine in the header on both mobile and desktop industry email list and also before the category listings and the main page. seeker Shortcodes You can quickly highlight your content with our built-in visual assets that are available for both Gutenberg and our beloved Classic Editor: Buttons – For call to click niches Pros and Cons Box – For Amazon Niches Notes – To make reading more enjoyable Highlighted text – To highlight something important Search Engine – To increase page views All very nice but… What price does it have.

Do I set a high price that will be impossible

When I launched this product I had Phone Number IR a big doubt. What price do I put on it? I looked at the prices of other templates and they seemed exorbitant . But setting a low price is not good either because users may perceive it as a product of little value. Then what do I do? Do I set a high price that will be impossible for small niche producers who are just starting out to pay? Do I price it low at the risk of my product being perceived as having little value? I won’t tell you that I want to democratize the world of SEO because I would be crudely copying our dear Dean.