We believe that their path, their history and their advice will be able to inspire marketers and enthusiasts about the present and future of a rapidly developing sector. After Joe Di Siena ( read the article ) and Luca Barboni ( read the article ) we present Cristiano Guerra , brand designer active in the field of visual communication since 1997. We thank him in advance for his availability and contribution to this interview.

What does it mean to brand

The brand is not a logo. The brand is the Israel Phone Number List mix of authority and reputation . These are two qualities that are built together with your audience. It’s not you who decides whether you’re authoritative or have a good reputation, it’s the people you come into contact with. In fact, building a brand depends on the relationship you (or your company) have with your customers . In your Canva you talk about internal branding and external branding: why is it important to underline this differentiation? The internal brand is what you cannot see : vision, mission, tone of voice, unique characteristics, positioning.

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Marketing vs Branding

Of course, even smaller companies, including Philippines Telegram Number personal brands, can use the same branding techniques as large companies. However, we need to evaluate whether it makes sense: many companies do not have the audience and budget of large companies, so it is better to start from a small niche and a budget commensurate with your resources . Branding and Personal Branding. Are the principles the same? In general yes, the big difference that many have not yet understood is that if you create a personal brand – and therefore communicate with your name and surname – you don’t need a logo, but a photograph of your face .