Kupli’s range of services recently expanded to also include graphic design. What does a graphic designer do and who needs his services?

Graphic design is visual design. It is pictorial communication that helps the viewer interpret the message. It is needed in various announcements and advertisements, print and digital publications, animations, logos, films, signs, etc.

Today, visual communication certainly includes more digital material than printed products. The Facebook background image of many companies is also carefully designed by a graphic designer and is just such that it can be seen correctly on all devices and the profile picture does not cover critical points in any view.

The graphic designer creates the whole look or an individual product

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A graphic designer often designs the entire graphic look of a company. In addition to the logo, the colors, fonts and other factors  in the company look (in all print and digital materials) are which distinguish the company’s materials from those of other companies. It is worth leaving the design in the hands of a professional, so that you can stand out from the competition in a positive way.

The graphic look of the company has a lot to do with the kind of image that potential customers get of you. Do you perhaps want to appear youthful Germany Phone Number List or experienced? Extremely cheerful, reliable or full of ideas? Colors and shapes affect these things, of course, along with actions and words.

Of course, you can also order individual products from the graphic designer, you don’t have to change the entire brand look every time. For example, at Kupli we are happy to design, for example, business cards, brochures or Power Point presentation templates. Or if you need a nicer than usual toilet sign for the office, that can be done too!

Our graphic designer Aino introduces herself

Kupli’s graphic designer Aino Korpinen is an experienced Phone Number IR creator in the field and is also good at photography.