After that, the Blog as the best vehicle to improve the Personal Brand. I firmly believe in the idea that the personal brand is here to stay and that it is the clear substitute for the traditional curriculum vitae. In fact, I believe that if we combine networking with great professionals in your sector or specialty to the idea of ​​a personal brand. After that, it seems It is easy to intuit that we will be talking about professionals in high demand by the companies of the future. 5 years ago I worked at a University, and they fired. After that, the Rector who was there at that time, one of the hardest working and most intelligent people.

Is it possible to earn money and live from a Blog

Is it possible to earn money and live from a Blog. Of course it is possible, but it is not easy to achieve it. In addition, and it requires years of hard work and effort to do it, but if you want to achieve it. After that, what you have to do is draw up a plan for 2 years. Therefore, and see all the actions and strategies that you are applying email contact list at each stage of the project. I know many professionals who live solely off the income their Blog generates. Therefore, I even know people who hire a work team based on the good results that the blog is giving them.

Imitation strengths of distinctive strengths

Imitation strengths of distinctive strengths. It is the ability to copy the distinctive strength of another organization and convert it into a strategy that generates economic profit. Competitive advantage will be temporarily sustainable when it persists after all attempts at strategic imitation by the competition cease. When evaluating the organization’s weaknesses. After that, it is Phone Number IR worth keeping in mind that we are referring to those that prevent the organization from selecting and implementing strategies that allow it to develop its mission.