There is no doubt: Netflix’s friendly and irreverent tone of voice allows it to entertain its followers with memes and unpublished interviews. It must have happened to you at least once that you stopped to look at content of this type and thought: “Geniuses!” (cit. Renè Ferretti) . Today we offer you a roundup of emotional campaigns in full Netflix style that we are sure will win you over from the first to the last second. TUDUM “When a great story is about to begin, you feel it.” Before the start of each series, film or documentary, Netflix sings an unmistakable sound, its signature sound.


Following the wave of “One Story Away”, Netflix Italy launched Colombia Phone Number List a campaign in 2021 which, to the tune of “Never Ending Story”, masterfully combines some scenes from famous TV series in which the protagonists sing: ” Nothing unites us like a story ” . Obviously the songs are different in reality, but the ingenious editing makes it seem like everyone is saying exactly the same words to the song at that precise moment. What we hear is not the original song, but a remake of Dustin & Suzie during an episode of Stranger Things. This involves the audience even more , especially because that precise scene was one of the most loved .

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Netflix advertising campaigns not to be missed

Netflix’s first global Brazil Telegram Number campaign, launched in 27 countries during its record year: 2020. A powerful message that leverages emotions and sharing, in a year in which we felt physically distant but emotionally very close (also thanks to watching the same TV series). This campaign is a tribute to Storytelling which enhances the many different emotions aroused by TV series and films available on the streaming platform.