Heatmaps are heat maps of a web page: the more an element is clicked. The more the intensity of the color in the heat map will increase . Therefore, Specifically, warmer colors highlight greater activity; cooler colors, however, indicate less activity. In addition to showing the most clicked parts, the map also detects the depth of page scrolling.  Therefore, Always using the color scale from warmest to coldest. With heat maps it is possible to deduce the quality of official websites. Therefore, E-commerce, blogs as well as the effectiveness of marketing strategies based on interactions such as banners and calls to action .

How does a heat map work?

Heatmaps are a graphic representation Cambodia Phone Number List of data represented through. Colors and, in the specific case of the web, they serve to understand how users move on your website. Where clicks are concentrated, and allow you to record entire browsing sessions in video. Therefore, Depending on their functionality, heat maps are divided into three different types: HOVER MAP. They track mouse movements on the page the user is visiting . The mouse would represent the eye movement on the web page, in reality the user’s eye movement . Does not always correspond to the movement that the same person gives to the mouse.

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The best heatmap tools

We recommend 3 software to create your Turkey WhatsApp Number List heat map. Here are the best ones for us. hotjar hotjar hotjar allows your team to prioritize what you want (and should) work on without the guesswork. With transparency to see where your visitors look and interact, you’ll learn what your users love about your site and what elements they ignore. Hotjar’s software also allows you to spot areas of opportunity or bugs hidden in plain sight, as your users see them. This provides greater clarity on what your consumers want to see on your site. Which can help you improve conversion rates and user engagement.