Optimizing loading speed There has been Tap into. A lot of talk lately about web performance as a positioning factor. Is the loading speed of a website really important at the SEO level? From my point of view, yes. A resounding yes . If you are just starting a website and it is barely indexed, it obviously makes no sense to optimize the loading speed and improve technical aspects. But if you already have a niche with a certain track record, it does make sense. I don’t say this because of the PageSpeed ​​metrics, which are ultimately anecdotal, but because by improving the loading speed we improve a crucial positioning factor: the user experience .

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Knowing this, at Asap Theme we have top industry data optimized every aspect that can be optimized in. WordPress template so that you have a very fast website. In addition, it includes a performance module to optimize your website to the maximum. Among other things, you will be able to: Optimize your. HTML code to make your website lighter. Disable the jQuery library if no other plugin needs it Enable Javascript. Lazy loading to improve speed Optimize. Google Analytics loading Insert YouTube videos in an optimized way Load Google.

You don't need to install any additional plugin

Fonts locally or disable them directly optimization. Other features Phone Number IR included in Asap Theme. Ads Manager With Asap. Theme you can easily monetize your niches with our integrated advertising system. That allows you to place ads in strategic places throughout your website in a very simple way. Yes, monetizing is easier now. You don’t need to install any additional plugin . Advertising index of contents An index or table of contents improves the user experience because they. Help visitors easily find the information they are looking for. With Asap Theme you can easily display it in posts. Pages or categories and choose its location. Format and other options in a very simple way.