How to easily extract web videos and say goodbye to cumbersome operations

Copyright issues: When removing video watermarks, you must abide by relevant laws and regulations and must not infringe on the rights of others. Ensure that the methods and software used comply with legal requirements. 2. Operational safety: During web videos  the operation, always web videos  pay attention to the software prompts to avoid data loss […]

What tools do you use to manage all your content?

We use a combination of native and marketing platforms for our social publishing. analytics. and reporting nees. The combination of the two helps you manage multiple people and projects. Especially useful for increasing social volume during live weather events where conditions and data are constantly changing. Since last year. What tools do you use to […]

Marketing Automation in 2023

Marketing automation in 2023. Updates and emerging trends marco targa – 13 january 2022 marketing automation marketing automation continues to be a crucial strategy for companies that want to improve their marketing performance and optimize their conversion rate. A now consolidate practice for companies that want to increase their turnover by optimizing processes and aiming […]

Digitalization of business processes

Marketing automation digitalization of business processes. Crm and lead scoring for growth guido marabini – 18 january 2022 digitalization of business processes developing or expanding your business online. Taking advantage of the best digital marketing strategies . Today means implementing a radical digitalization of processes for a company . More concretely. It is necessary to […]