You want to lean on your dependable marketing

NELS BY SPEND % OF RESPONDENTS Paid search marketing (Google) 42.channels with proven track records so you can build some goals. You want to lean on your dependable marketing and forecasts you have confidence in. Social media Web design and development  Social media (organic)  Email marketing 29.80% Search engine optimization (SEO) Video marketing  Content marketing […]

Broken Link Building The Complete Guide

Broken link building is one of the most popular link building tactics around. It’s the fifth most widely used tactic—according to Aira’s annual state of link building report, which crowdsources opinions from over 250 digital marketing professionals. But it’s not entirely foolproof, and there’s some nuance to doing it well. In this guide, you’ll learn […]

Bolivian cholitas climb onto the skateboard in this inspiring Samsung campaign

Advertising is increasingly lavish in campaigns that promote inclusion and place communities usually ignored and ostracized in the spotlight. It is precisely in one of these communities that Samsung sets its sights in an inspiring campaign that gives voice to a group of indigenous Bolivian women, also known as “cholitas”, who have dared to break […]