Types of WordPress Migrations Manually Moving Files

There are many factors to consider when managing website files. Transferring the Database to Another. Server is Quite Complicated, and the Effects. Have a Direct Impact on the Website’s. Positioning and Its Performance. So, to Get the Best Results, It’s Worth Knowing the Basic Types of WordPress Migrations. Manually Moving Files Manually Moving WordPress. To […]

Migration to WordPress What Should You Remember

Website migration is quite a complicated process. Many website owners have problems with efficiently transferring data from one server to another. Moreover, during the implementation of this project, you may encounter many problems that significantly affect the performance of the final version of the website. This applies in particular to migration between hosting management systems. […]

How to Paginate a Page Attributes Prev

Just a Few Years Ago, These. Tags Were Used to Inform Google. However Robots About Combining Specific. Subpages With One Category.  Attributes then referred to specific URLs of the previous and subsequent content, indicating certain dependencies between them. Today, using the attributes is no longer necessary, as Google is able to automatically detect paging and […]