What changes are noticeable in the competitive field. and how does your company fit into this whole You can never be too familiar with your competition field. The better you know it. the better you will find new ideas suitable for your company and ways to create more value for your customers. Know your buyer persona. What are the factors that make your customers buy from you

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Why do you have repeat customers What nes. your customers have that your company has a solution for The best way to find this out is to ask your business lead customers about these things directly. they provide the best data on the things that are important to them. Often your companys salespeople and customer service staff. or other people working in the customer interface. also have a good idea of ​​the customers nes. since they deal with customers every day.

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Identify your competitive advantage. Which factor of your company produces value for your Phone Number IR buyer persona that competitors are unable to produce in the same way How do you stand out from the competition Formulate a value proposition. Summarize your competitive advantage in a format understandable to the customer. The value proposition must be clear. concrete and speak to the customers nes. This is how it should also be remember. and easily adopt.