When you are ready to launch your marketing campaign, remember that it can only give you the desired. Results if you know how to describe the brand as your target would like. Today storytelling plays a very important role and is a precious tool for all those who do marketing . A tool that you need to know how to use and deploy to create wonderful and compelling stories for your audience. And that’s why today we find ourselves talking about exactly this: storytelling . Please, take your pen and write down these tips.

What does Storytelling mean?

If we take the first forms of human language Guatemala Phone Number List as a reference, we realize that storytelling was the way in which cultures transmitted shared beliefs and values. Some of the stories told today come from tales our ancestors shared over 6,000 years ago. Every person has a story, but the art of storytelling can transform a tale into something more. There are certain qualities that can push a basic story into the art of storytelling. First and foremost, storytelling involves a two-way interaction between a narrator and one or more listeners . Listeners’ responses influence how the story is told. Indeed, storytelling emerges from the interaction and coordinated and cooperative efforts of storyteller and audience.

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Storytelling and marketing

At its most basic, the process of digital storytelling Kenya Telegram Number involves using a blend of digital content and media to bring a narrative to life. These campaigns combine audio, images, animated clips and more to tell a single story. As described by Forbes , 3 of the most used digital storytelling techniques include: Customer Generated Stories: This category is basically word-of-mouth marketing at its finest. Here, you give your existing customers a platform to talk about their experience with your brand in an effort to connect with and educate potential prospects.