So much fewer data Export LinkedIn Contact From Search Results How to export contacts from linkedin search results Select 1st Degree Connection filter Split your search into several chunks Copy and paste the URL of your search Paste into a Linkedin scraping tool Download your CSV file. 1. Select 1st Degree Connection Filter Go to the basic Linkedin search engine and click on 1st 1st degree connection filter linkedin It will display all your linkedin contacts in the search results.

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Export linkedin 2. Split your search into Switzerland Phone Numbers List several chunks Linkedin basic search engine are limited to 1000 search results. linkedin search results limitations So if you have more than 1000 connections you will need to split your search into several chunks using the search filters. split linkedin searches 3. Copy the URL of your search Once you are happy with your search results you can copy the URL. linkedin search url 4. Paste it into a LinkedIn scraping tool You can then paste the URL into a linkedin scraping tool. You can use Phantombuster Texau Captain Data.

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Export linkedin connections through Switzerland Email List search If you use Phantombuster you can go into their library and look for the Linkedin Search Export Phantom. They will ask you to paste the URL and to download their Chrome extension to download your search results. 5. Download your CSV file Few minutes after you launch your extraction your file will be available for download on their platform. download sales navigator contacts Here is the data you will get Linkedin URL First name Last name Profile picture URL Current Job Connection Degree Location Share Connections than with Sales Navigator and Evaboot.