Services are using materials and technologies for their production with the lowest possible ecological footprint. Technologies that reduce labor intensity and the amount of waste. Renewable energy technologies, warehouses, heat, cooling and electricity, energy-saving HVAC and lighting systems powered by renewable energy sources. Water management systems integrated with building, integrated and intelligent IT systems controlling BACS. The scope of specialization includes materials and technologies, building energy systems, development of machines and devices. Development of applications and programming environments. Integrated design, energy and environmental verification, and processing and reuse of materials.

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Environmentally friendly transport Analyzing KIS. The scope concerns the directions of development of means of transport based. On the research and industrial potential of industry representatives. As part of the optimization of means of transport. It focuses on Photo Retouching reducing energy consumption, emission, improving economics and safety issues. The automotive industry should undergo constant digital and ecological transformation. The key solutions concern pro-ecological solutions, greater use of renewable energy sources and new fuels. Improvement of production and technological processes, development of modern solutions in transport management systems.

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Improvement of the economy of the circulation of materials used in the production and operation of means of transport, optimization and improvement of current production processes in order to provide a price-competitive product and utilitarian. KIS . Circular Phone Number IR economy Circular economy is a specialization related to R&D&W processes, i.e. areas of support for innovative research, development and implementation works that are related to the sustainable management of renewable and non-renewable resources. The scope of KIS in relation to the above-mentioned preferential support areas includes developing solutions for the transformation of the Polish economy towards the circular economy model.