At Kupli, the first days of the month are usually quite busy, and this sanas-working time was no exception. The fact that my three-month internship at Kupli is now over and I will continue to work from now on with the title of project coordinator added spice to the working day. Welcome to read what my working day was like on the first Monday of the month at the marketing office!


I arrive at the office and let the coffee drip. I exchange the news of the weekend with Sohvi and mumble breakfast while the machine starts up.

We do media monitoring for the client, so my first task is Denmark Phone Number List to review current news related to the client’s industry. This is a suitably soft descent into the week and at the same time an interesting way to start the day.

Next, I’ll move on to Google Ads campaigns

The new client’s advertising campaigns started at the end of last week, so I will review the results obtained during the weekend. I edit keyword bids and add a few search terms to negative keywords.


The starting meeting of the week. Mari is away from sanas-working the office this week, so Sohvi and Suvi will go over the week’s schedule and share urgent tasks. For me, the most important tasks this week are the clients’ Google Ads campaign reports from November, starting a new website project and finishing a few blog posts.

Google Ads reports for a client who

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The first thing I look at is the situation of a new campaign, after which I go through the development of other campaigns and make the necessary changes to them. In addition to the obtained results, I write down observations and changes made in the report. When the report is ready, I move on to the next client’s advertising campaigns.


I immerse myself in preparing reports until a growling sanas-working stomach forces me to stop work for a while. Fortunately, you have your Phone Number IR own snacks with you, so your stomach will quickly get the nutrition it needs. After lunch I will return to Google Ads again.