Demographic and interest targeting, you  Publishing Posts can now target based on users’ behavior and browsing habits. 3. Google Shopping Ads For e-commerce, Google Shopping has become an indispensable tool. Updated techniques include: Optimized product feeds : The importance of well-structured and optimized product feeds, with detailed information and high-quality images. Smart Shopping Campaigns : Using Google AI to

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Targeting and ad creation, Publishing Posts maximizing conversions. 4. Video Advertising with Google Ads Video marketing is business lead constantly growing, and Google offers several solutions to reach audiences through videos: Sequential video ads : Create engaging stories by showing a series of video ads to the same users in a specific order. Advanced Targeting : In addition to demographic targeting, you can now target based on users’ interests.

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And recent searches. Check the certification: The requirements to become a Google Partner : Performance Publishing Posts Work on net by Resta Luigi has maintained Phone Number IR an optimization score of at least 70%. This indicates that he has configured his clients’ accounts for optimal performance. Spending In the last 90 days, Work on net di Resta Luigi has invested at least $10,000 in advertising spending. This demonstrates its ability to help clients