A popular social media channel, but only a few companies use it in their own marketing. However,  is use a lot especially for looking for inspiration and planning purchases. Pinterest – an Would t be a useful social media channel for your business?

Who uses Pinterest?

Pinteret – an underutilized opportunity Pinteret has 200 million monthly users. 70% of them are women and about half of all  users live in the Unit States.  is especially usd for finding inspiration and planning. Inspiration is sought for, for example, home decoration and Switzerland Phone Number List following fashion and style. The use of Pinteret is also strongly relatd to purchase intentions, and according to , 87% of users have bought products because they have seen it or a similar product on Pinterest.

How does Pinterest work?

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Pinterest is like a scrapbook where you can collect your favorite photos under different subject areas. You can create your own board for your Phone Number IR own subjects and objects of interest, and you can “paste” inspiring and interesting images there. You can also follow other users and have a conversation with them.

Advertising on is currently only possible in certain countries (US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, England), but we expect this option to become global in the future.