One thing is what Borges could have written (even with María’s resounding rejection and indignation), and quite another, what he could never have written because it is the exact negation of what his work means and expresses. III What could have happen? I conjecture: at some point, someone publish those verses in isolation with the delud and insidious intention of falsifying their origin; After this, the nonsense, with the ease with which information and data now circulate through virtual space, spread thanks to those who, without having read a bit of Borges’ work, in turn, shar it on networks, successfully dup.

Marcos Have Pointed

And surely naively dazzl by the flash of the spurious attribut authorship. And thus the nonsense would have taken hold. A typical feature of these times: whoever can say whatever they want to whoever wants to hear it. Or to continue with the puns: everyone can say anything, to everyone. We have here, then, once again an example of what the internet means. Although ultimately it is not an absolute business lead evil (whoever does not know or strictly denies the usefulness of this virtually infinite swarm of information is clearly living in another world), this case shows how searching for culture on the internet can become a dangerous experience.

Out That This Natural

By exposing ourselves not only to receiving a fatal dose of misinformation, but also to becoming victims of an always unwant intellectual malformation. This scenario makes victims especially the youngest, those who, defenseless against the assault of false data, extract all (or almost all) academic information from the internet; to those who, due to their extreme youth, have not yet develop that sense of smell that is very necessary when diving among megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes of information, and often end up more disorient by the confrontation with a circumstance than ever before, until this monstrous proliferation of digital means of  Phone Number IR creating, processing and distributing information, it had been consider possible: that the overabundance of data and its easy and immiate access could be, at a certain moment, counterproductive.