His sounds logical. Remember to find out what your dream customer considers added value and what they are already familiar with. No one wants to pay for self-sufficiency. Also read this:  7 years of digital entrepreneurship 5. Pull the price from the sleeve or hat There is no more effective way to sell a course than to pull the price out of a sleeve, hat or cap. I can say that there is a lot of excitement when the sales start. But you can’t win without taking risks. A gentler option is to follow your inner voice and let it tell you the right price.

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I know coaches who price their courses this way and sell their courses successfully. 6. Start inexpensively – and raise the price little by little When latest database you do your first online course, start with a short course (2 – 4 weeks). Define an affordable price and pilot. Ask for feedback. Expand the course and raise the price. A coach once told me that there should always be some leverage in the price. I agree with him.  by ten each time you relaunch. 7. The combined price of the course and bonuses I see quite a few courses with heaps of bonuses. The prices of the bonuses vary from a few tens to a few hundred euros. Pricing then (typically) goes like this: Module 1 value feeling ” What’s wrong with this course, if such an expensive course is sold so cheap…? “It would be more realistic to sell the course like this: “The value of the course is €1812, but this week its price is €995”.

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Bonuses have the possibility to increase the price of the course, but keep the value of the product and bonuses realistic compared to the selling price of the course. 8. Throw-in product with euro? The term tripwire means tricking a customer into buying something at a ridiculously low price. And now I don’t mean the €1.00 scams that are out there every now and then. For example, a product costs only the postage or less than €10.00. When the customer buys this product, he is offered a more Phone Number IR expensive product at the time of purchase or right after the purchase. After all, we drive long distances after free buckets… How do you grow your customer base for future online course sales? For making online courses / e-books | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent How do you grow your customer base for future online course sales? A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post where I guided you in planning and making your first online course.