Obligations when above also applies to students and pupils who receiv a survivor’s pension. After their deceas parent until they turn , but are still studying. IMPORTANT – age means the age of majority from. The moment you obtain it, you can take up employment within the meaning of the Labor. Code until you reach retirement age. Are you the parent or guardian of a minor child with a disability. You can apply for care benefits, care allowance and other forms of support.

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What help you are entitl to and what conditions you must meet to receive it. Understanding the concept of lack of necessary means of subsistence. One of the conditions for granting a benefit by. Way of exception is the demonstration of the lack of “necessary not insufficient philippines photo editor means of subsistence judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of October. File I OSK However, a difficult financial situation alone cannot constitute a sufficient basis for granting a benefit by way of exception.


The assessment of the lack

Of necessary means of subsistence should be made in relation to the minimum pension, disability pension and survivor’s pension. In accordance with the judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of October , , ref. no. file I OSK The financial situation of a given Phone Number IR person, even the most difficult one, is not the basis for granting benefits as an exception. As a special circumstance within the meaning of Art. section uerfus should be understood as an event or permanent condition.