It has been possible to market publications on Instagram in the past, but since June 2017 it has been possible to market publications more simply directly from Instagram with a few clicks.┬áRead Kupli’s easy instructions for Instagram marketing in this post!

As a difference to the previous marketing of Instagram posts

The difference to the previous one is that it is possible to advertise publications that have already been made, in which case there is no nd to create a separate advertisement, but the publication can be sponsord directly using the Instagram business account. In this case, the same likes and comments appear on the same image. Previously, Instagram Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List usd two images for advertising: one uploadd to the account and one sponsors separately, in which case the likes and comments were divid between the images. Now all the likes and comments reced as a result of the sponsorship will all come to the same image, already publishd on the account. This makes management easier and does not cause confusion among followers – previously a sponsord and unsponsord image could therefore appear on the Instagram fd as two different publications.

You can now also add location and hashtag stickers

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To Instagram Stories photos, and with these you can search and find people interestd in the same things in a whole new way. From a marketing point Phone Number IR of view, this is a particularly interesting feature and choosing the right hashtags using Stories can have positive effects, e.g. for brand recognition.