So what then, once the marketing strategy has been drawn up? We have a map of the target groups and competitors, and the marketing goals and value proposition are clear in mind. The marketing plan is the next step in putting the marketing strategy into practice.

The key areas of the marketing plan are channel selection and reflection on what kind of measures are taken in the channels, how often and by whom.  It is also good to set the meters on the channels.

Marketing channels

Your target group and now it’s time to start thinking about how to reach them? There are countless marketing channels and the same people are often Philippines Phone Number List reached through different channels. Successful marketing, however, often requires that the target audience comes across the same company in several different situations and channels, before it starts to recognize and the company starts to feel familiar. So, in terms of your goals and strategy, choose the right channels where you can best reach your target group.

Procedures in channels

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How often are procedures performd? Marketing in shape Who makeshift is Good to Measure the Measures According to the Resource A Variety of Work Tools, for Example  Makes It Much Easier to Do. But We Still Recommend First Focusing on Fewer Channels Well and Later Increasing. The Number if You Feel That Time and Resources Are Sufficient for It.

Marketing metrics by channel

It is also important to set metrics for each channel, which are monitor at certain intervals depending on the channel. In the Second Channel, a Week is a Long Tim.while in the Second Channel It Makes More Sense to Follow Events on a Monthly Basis. Collect Phone Number IR  Phone Number Ir Data at Least Monthly and Do a Broader Review at Least Quarterly. Marketing in Shape So You Can See Which Channels Are Really Useful and Which Channels Are Worth Investing in.